Panantukan Online

The Panantukan Online Course is a free introductory lesson into the martial art of Filipino Empty Hands Striking.  

It’s a perfect opportunity for those who don’t have any access to Kali training or a dedicated training group to practice with. 

Right now, we are working hard on our first full length Panantukan Online Course which will be ready for the public in late June 2020. We are offering a pre-launch purchase with a generous early-bird discount applied.

If you want to be part of this small group of students with exclusive access to Panantukan Online one week before the public launch, then please sign up here with your best email address and you’ll get notified shortly.

Now please enjoy our free Panantukan Online Video.

This intro course is completely free of charge — so if you do make use of it, please do me a favor and share, like, and subscribe to my channel. 

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If you happen to use it for your daily class and training, please consider making a donation to me via Paypal:

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Sakan Lam