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Excellent school run by an even better staff! If you are looking for a hassle-free way to get an education visa and don't want to go the language school route then Core Combat Chiang Mai is a fantastic option! Classes are fun, challenging, and give you invaluable knowledge that is always better to have and not need than the other way around! It has been an awesome experience participating in their program!

Anthony Fuller

I recently had the pleasure of training at Core Combat Chiang Mai and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The gym offers a wide variety of martial arts courses, all of which are taught by highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors. I particularly appreciated the diversity of the classes, as it allowed me to try different techniques and styles, and gain a well-rounded understanding of the art of combat. The instructors were also very insightful, providing valuable tips and feedback that helped me to improve my skills. Overall, I highly recommend Core Combat Chiang Mai to anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding training experience.

Samuela Davidova

Best place to learn self defense! The coaches are very experienced and meticulous, I always learn something new on each class while getting better with what I previously learned. They’ve got friendly staff and well maintained facilities. 👏


Had my first MMA fight and represented core combat. Couldn't have asked for a better corner than Coach Sakan, Coach Jamie and Thibault.

Nicolas Rivia

Everyone is very friendly and hardworking, I felt very welcome as a new trainee. Great coaches that know what they're doing while also giving easy to follow demonstrations and instructions, would highly recommend to those of all skill levels.


I completed the ESD course on the one year ED visa program. The coaches are world class and incorporate techniques from disciplines such as muay Thai, Kali, Silat and many others, so the classes are dynamic and never dull. The visa itself is very well organised, with the visa consultant preparing all the documents needed for the quarterly extension at immigration and making sure all documents are in order. Thanks guys for a great year in Chiangmai 🙏🏻


I had a great year with Core Combat. Classes with Kru Sakan and Kru Jamie and Kru Do are very good and very different in their own way. I ended up attending classes mostly on Thursday afternoon (lots of stretching with Kru Do) and Saturday morning (lots of exercise with Kru Jamie) and I'm very happy with classes and the ESD content I learned along the way. The year passed quickly and there is much more to learn, but if I'm ever unfortunate enough to need my ESD, then I'm sure I will be able to handle myself a lot better than I otherwise would have. ♥️🙏🙇‍♂️

Reinhard Pointner

Much cleaner and nicer learning environment than most strictly Muay Thai gyms. Approach, in my opinion is better, but more western kickboxing oriented. Higher focus on technique and better opportunities to pick up new things. Welcoming coaches who know their stuff. Would absolutely come back if I was in Chiang Mai over any kind of traditional Muay Thai gym, mainly due to the much better price and hygiene ( As I previously caught a nasty eye infection in one of them , after which I couldn’t open my right eye for 3 days).

Marat Ladha

Embarking on the Emergency Self-defence course with Core Combat Chiang Mai has been an incredibly enriching and transfomative experience! Sakan and his team of coaches are knowledgeable and supportive, ensuring that they create a nurturing environment for all of us to learn and enjoy learning the martial arts, no matter where you start.

Eleanor Tay

In my view, quality of Core Combat is beyond this google rating I post. I've been visiting and observing this place because some of the closest people to me are part of the classes. Either as a kid or an adult, when you join this place, you won't only learn about how to do self defense but also many more. Discipline, mutual respect, integrity, humility, compassion, all the values I hold in my core and I think are critical in shaping our character as human being. Staff are also great. I believe that this place has an amazing future with amazing people inside. Keep it up!

Patricia Wattimena

I enrolled in the Emergency Self Defense course almost a year ago, and my experience has been nothing short of amazing. Tik, who handles the Ed visa, was incredibly helpful throughout. Communication was clear, reminders were timely, and the entire process was straightforward and just easy. Coaches at Core Combat are not only knowledgeable and qualified in various martial art styles, but they also maintain an easygoing and friendly atmosphere. The curriculum is well-rounded, and provided exposure to the foundations of different martial arts. Kali and grappling were highlights for me - cos it was a real challenge! Not only did I learn how to execute moves properly but also comprehend the reasoning behind them. Classes were always fun and playful - it was a great place to meet ppl from all around the world and make friends while in Chiang Mai too. The gym is clean and modern, with A/C, and training gear/equipment are in excellent condition, practically new. Special thanks to Coach Sakan, who went above and beyond in teaching me the wooden dummy form. I had trained in Wing Chun for well over a year in Sydney a couple years ago, but left before I could learn the form and had been bummed about this. The coaches at Core Combat are really passionate about helping students reach their full potential. I highly recommend Core Combat to anyone looking to learn practical self-defense skills, gain exposure to a range of different martial art styles, get active, or simply have fun while learning a useful skill.

Julie T

My partner and I looked high & low for a reputable place to get our education visa AND actually learn something! Core Combat exceeded our expectations in every way. The coaches are super knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The class times are solid, the office staff are amazing in getting your visa paperwork handled and everyone speaks perfect English (very helpful for us who haven’t mastered the language yet 😆) We couldn’t recommend this place enough!!!

Stephanie Wagner

I’ve wanted to train in martial arts for a while. Out of all the choices in Chiang Mai, Core Combat stood out. When I first came in, I had a long conversation with coach Jamie, one of the co-founders. I did a trial emergency self defense class and a kickboxing class and was sold. All the coaches are fluent English speakers which is important for someone just getting started. The more experienced fighters in the kickboxing and MMA classes are supportive. The atmosphere in the gym is friendly and hardworking.

Artur Grishkevich

One of the best martial arts schools in Chiang Mai! Super professional service that tends to all your needs hassle free. Their ESD defense course is one of the best I've seen and their staff is so friendly and attentive. Best part is they help you get your ED visa and make it look as easy. Highly recommend it!


“I am someone with zero background or pre-existing interest in MMA or even sports in general. With that context, the atmosphere and training at this gym challenged me without being intimidating. I am looking forward to returning here. I look forward to training with you.”

Isaac Schubert
IT Developer

“I have trained in a lot of different martial arts and spent a few days in lovely Chang Mai training – Core Combat = real martial arts , excellent instruction and best of all quality human beings.”

Leigh Harris
English Teacher

“Great place that has a rare selection of martial arts and a great team of instructors. Not only is Sakan super patient but his detailed explanation helps you learn quicker the more time you put into practice. On top of that their strength and conditioning coach Tom can help you get ready for a fight or increase athletic performance for sports on the beginner and advanced levels. And there is yoga and chi kung for health and longevity, hard combination to beat in Chiang Mai.”

Kai Lewis
Martial Arts Instructor
Naga Head Flipped - Core Combat Chiang Mai

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