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“I am someone with zero background or pre-existing interest in MMA or even sports in general. With that context, the atmosphere and training at this gym challenged me without being intimidating. I am looking forward to returning here. I look forward to training with you.”

Isaac Schubert
IT Developer

“I have trained in a lot of different martial arts and spent a few days in lovely Chang Mai training – Core Combat = real martial arts , excellent instruction and best of all quality human beings.”

Leigh Harris
English Teacher

“Great place that has a rare selection of martial arts and a great team of instructors. Not only is Sakan super patient but his detailed explanation helps you learn quicker the more time you put into practice. On top of that their strength and conditioning coach Tom can help you get ready for a fight or increase athletic performance for sports on the beginner and advanced levels. And there is yoga and chi kung for health and longevity, hard combination to beat in Chiang Mai.”

Kai Lewis
Martial Arts Instructor

“I truly enjoy classes at Core Combat Chiang Mai. Their way of teaching is easy to follow and practical for real life situation. What I love the most is there are no judgment in class and people are friendly and helping. I learnt a lot not only from the instructor but also from classmates. I feel comfortable joining their class even with zero knowledge in this field.Their online class is also awesome and full with energy. Thank you very much Core Combat CM team.”

Zeen Poonsupakij
Sourcing Manager

"Amazing training, great workout, whether you're a total beginner or not, you will love every single class that is offered here. If you want to stay in shape while at home and if you want to keep a healthy mind/body, whether you have a background in martial arts or not, these classes are truly designed for you.They offer great discounts right now on all their trainings, and you will be impressed by the level of professionalism and the quality of teaching. The first lesson is for free so I would recommend you to give it a try! You might end up signing up for a month like me and getting truly addicted:) Being quarantined offers great opportunities to remain active while being online so make the best out of it!!! ;)"

Celine Leclerc
History Teacher

"I am not the biggest fan on video chats (aka I hate it) but my desire to keep training with Core Combat (because it is my favourite thing to do) helped me overcome my apprehension. I did not regret it! The online classes are superfun and Sakan has adapted his teaching methods to the new medium perfectly. I can wholeheartedly recommend joining any of the classes offered. I for one am happy to have Core Combat to keep me sane and fit! ❤"

May Van Jay
Customer Care Expert

"Core Combat Online has done so much to keep me grounded and healthy during this crazy time. Everything that I loved about going to their gym is still there: the excellent instruction, patient coaching, and encouraging, positive class environment. It's so easy to use the Zoom platform as well! Even in my tiny apartment with nothing more than a bottle of water and a towel to mop my forehead, I can get the most out of every session. No matter how bad of a day it's been, I always leave class smiling and feeling better because I worked hard and had a great time with the coach and fellow students. This is the best way to stay healthy--physically and emotionally! Guys, if you haven't already, consider joining us! Now you can do it from anywhere in the world!!"

Mina Schubert
Undergraduate Student

"Core Combat Chiang Mai has been and still is my goto place to train Martial Arts. Core Combat's dedicated instructors, Sakan and Jamie both show a high level of professionalism in teaching the different styles and arts. Right now, all gyms are closed due to the corona virus but Core Combat Chiang Mai instead of cancelling classes, everything is moved online to video meetings. For me, as an advanced practitioner those online video meetings offers highest value... i highly recommend Core Combat Chiang Mai if you find yourself in Chiang Mai and look for something else then Muay Thai 😉"

Christian Rohner
Thailand Expat & Martial Arts Practitioner
Naga Head Flipped - Core Combat Chiang Mai

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