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Panantukan Open Triangle Footwork

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Open Triangle Footwork is a fundamental concept in the art of Kali, a weapon-based martial art originating from the Philippines. This unique footwork pattern is a cornerstone of Kali and sets it apart from other martial arts. It allows practitioners to move in a fluid and efficient manner, making them more difficult to hit and allowing them to execute strikes with greater speed and power. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the Open Triangle Footwork of Kali, examining its benefits and applications. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, mastering this concept will greatly improve your overall performance in Kali and enhance your ability to defend yourself in a real-world situation. So, let's get started and discover the secrets of Open Triangle Footwork in Kali!

Open Triangle Footwork: The Female Triangle

In Panantukan and Kali it’s very important to step on the 45 degree angle. This helps us deflect incoming attacks.

By stepping out 45 degrees it takes away pressure from our opponent’s strikes, and at the same time also gives us an advantageous angle of attack on our counter strikes.

Apex Triangle Panantukan Open Triangle Footwork
45°-45°-90° triangle

We start off in the Apex of the triangle. The Apex is the top of the triangle. Step forty five degrees starting off with your right foot and return. Then step forty five degrees off your left leg and return again.

Never step across your body. That’s one of the common mistakes beginners make. Do not do it unless you have the intention to do so.

Panantukan Open Triangle Footwork right wrong
Male Triangle correct and incorrect step

If you step to your right, step with your right foot and your left shoulder comes forward. If you step with towards the left, step with your the left foot and lead with you right shoulder.

Keep your hands either in boxing position with one hand lower than the other. This is called ‘false stance’. Or you can put your hands in Silat position, one hand near the shoulder, one hand at the hip. This is indicative of drawing your weapon.

Open Triangle Footwork
Panantukan Hand Positions

It’s also proper body mechanics when you run.

While doing your stepping, the apex of the triangle is probably the most compromised position and you want to minimize that by doing a slight skip.

When you place your foot down, most of your weight is going to be on the area around the ball of your foot. Make sure that your knee is over your toes, not pressed inward nor outward, so you avoid damaging your knee.

This is our open Female Triangle footwork.

The next footwork technique we are covering is:

Open Triangle Footwork: The Male Triangle (Defensive)

For the male triangle, the apex will be in front of me and I’m going to be stepping back and 45 degrees.

A common mistake from beginners is to step straight back.

Male Triangle correct vs. incorrect back step

A lot of boxing coaches  and fight trainers will tell you not to take more than two steps back. Open Triangle Footwork in Panantukan is no different.

Step forty five degrees, shift your weight to the back foot and then turn and lift up the heel on the lead foot.

Panantukan Open Triangle Footwork the shoulder roll
Shoulder Roll – Panantukan defensive motion

Your shoulder is blocking the jaw line and your rear hand is ready for defense and at the same time protecting your ribs.

In boxing, this is also known as the shoulder roll. It’s a defensive motion moving back and forth. Shifting the weight and evading, allowing any punches or strikes to deflect off the shoulder.

Open Triangle Footwork: The Male Triangle (Offensive)

The next style of the Panantukan open male triangle footwork is the offensive. Instead of shifting the weight back, bring your rear shoulder forward.

This is indicative of moving and striking at the same time. You can throw a cross punch or an angle one and two hammerfist from both hands.

You’re going to feel this counterbalance or crossed up motion with your body mechanics.

Try all of them, experience with it and see which Triangle Footwork works best for you. Scroll down for the video, explaining the Open Triangle Footwork in detail.

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